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November 2015 - The President’s Message



Helene Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together. ~John Ruskin

This month represents a year and a month since I have been involved with CWC as president-elect and president of this incredible association! We were busy then and are still experiencing the magic that comes together every month! Embodied in our meetings are the fascinating dynamics of organization, teamwork, support, and friendship all surrounded by a desire to create and learn watercolor! Our members embody the spirit and the heart of promise! We are so fortunate. Our works are enjoyed by all, as we share friendship and knowledge fostered through membership!

I’m very pleased that sales at our November Show & Sale at the Homosassa Wildlife Park were moderately successful, considering a confluence of issues, which should be resolved by our February appearance there. The Award Winners:
Best of Show to multi-talented Barbara Kerr;
1st Place to the stunning work of Susan Strawbridge;
2nd Place to new member Pat Otto; and
3rd Place to new member Patty LeFebvre;  and
2 Honorable Mentions given to past president Laurie Kansky
and new member Terry Carter.

Thank you all for participating and Congratulations for the winners!
Thank you to Lynn Ferris for the Judging!

Every month holds another opportunity to immerse ourselves up close and personal into the watercolor experience.  This month's Lynn Ferris is one of our very finest! You will recognize her work as full of skill and extraordinary light! Watching her paint affords us great insight as she imparts clearly her work and technique attainable for each of us.

We are indebted to our Volunteers the Board Members and all the Chairpersons involved in carrying on the ‘traditions’! Thank you to the volunteers who helped set up the show: Susan Strawbridge (GREAT idea to decorate Bubbles the Manatee!), Jeanne Conrad, Ron Lancaster & Terrance Carter, Ida Bradley, Laurie & Dick Kansky, Norm & Winnie Freyer, Meredith and Terry Keene. Thanks to you our new volunteers:  Aileen Croly  for handling Dec. Luncheon sign-ups and Jeanne Conrad sign-ups for Tom Jones Workshops;  and Lois Moore for signing up Nancy Roth and Nancy Vallimont, to monitor the Card Exchange! Welcome everyone and enjoy all we have to share! Hitch yourself to our vitality and volunteer to help us make things happen! (I said that last month, but I like it; it's always worth repeating!)

November 13, 2015 - Celebrated Watercolorist Demonstrates at Watercolor Club

Lynn Ferris Press Release by Norm Freyer

Lynn Ferris is a favorite of Nature Coast watercolor artists, and she is one of Citrus County’s celebrated artists. She will be the demonstrator at the November 13th meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Club. A part time resident of Beverly Hills, she spends the balance of the year, the summers, in Berkley Springs, West Virginia. Her web site reveals that, “The details in Lynn Ferris’ watercolors flow seamlessly with the artist’s sense of color and tone. There is a newness and comfort to her work. One feels refreshed for having seen it, yet completely at home… if you have known this work all your life”.

Ferris is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society and the Florida Watercolor Society. Her work was the subject of a feature article in Watercolor Magazine and can be seen in Watercolor Magic and the prestigious “Splash” series of books published by North Light. She has served as a judge for the Brevard Watercolor Society 20th Anniversary “A Splash of Watercolor” exhibit, the West Virginia Watercolor Society Signature Members Exhibit, the Tioga Winter Fine Arts Festival and numerous others. Her many awards include “Best of Show” in both the Florida Watercolor Society and the Tallahassee Watercolor Society annual exhibitions. She has been an award winner in the “The Artists Magazine” All Media competition, and her work is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach.

Originally from New Jersey, she attended Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. Before becoming a full time watercolorist, she worked as both a commercial and architectural illustrator. Lynn is also a instructor, teaching both classes and workshops. You can view Lynn’s work by accessing her web site at


October 9, 2015 Painting Birds? Solving the Background Dilemmas

Note: As the author of this column, and, as I am the demonstrator at the October meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Club, I am uncomfortable writing about myself. The column this month is written by my friend and colleague, Barbara Fife, an established watercolorist from Ocala, Florida.

Through the year Citrus Watercolor Club hosts distinguished artists who demonstrate their techniques and unique approaches to painting. Interpretation and style vary widely among artists, but all paintings, from landscapes, marine paintings, portraits, birds, animals, still life, share a common challenge: the BACKGROUND. At the October 9th meeting, one of our members, outstanding and regionally recognized artist Norm Freyer, will demonstrate his successful approach to painting backgrounds focusing on “Birds and Backgrounds”. If you are an artist who has ever struggled to decide: should the background be atmospheric, complicated or detailed? Light or dark? Warm or cool colors? Should the background be painted first, or last? Norm Freyer will share his strategies for navigating the many choices for an effective background for a painting. Beginners and experienced artists alike are sure to take away valuable and practical tips.

The photo collage below is courtesy of Ray Jowers. Click on the collage to view a larger image.

Demo_2015Norm Freyer is a native of Connecticut. He is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a B.S. in Agriculture, and spent nearly 40 years in sales and marketing in the animal health sector of the pharmaceutical industry. Upon retirement, he and his wife moved to Florida. It was then that he became interested in watercolor and studied watercolor techniques under Marion Langlois of the Withlacoochee Technical Institute from 1999 to 2002. In addition, he has studied in watercolor workshops with such noted artists as Tom Jones, Chuck MacClachlan, Ken Hosmer, Kathleen Hoffsinger, Steve Rogers and Paul George. He is a member of the Art Center of Citrus County, the Citrus Watercolor Club, the Nature Coast Painters and an associate member of the Florida Watercolor Society. He served as president of the Citrus Watercolor Club from 2008 to 2010. Recent awards include the Award of Excellence at the 2007 Manatee Festival & St. Petersburg Times Fine Art Show, the Award of Merit at the 2008 Manatee Festival, the First Place Award in all media at the 2009 Homosassa Seafood Festival, the Second Place Award in 2010, the Award of Excellence at the Festival of the Arts in 2011, Best of Show in all media at the Homosassa Seafood Festival in 2011, Best of Show at the 2012 - 20th Annual CWC Show & Sale, as well as “Featured Artist” at the 2012 Homosassa Seafood Festival, and Best of Show in 2013 Nature Coast Exhibit #1, Art Center of Citrus County. His paintings, “Fishy Business”, “Gentle Giants”, “Palm Tracks”, and “Autumn Seagrapes” have been exhibited on the Florida Watercolor Society “On-Line Show”. In addition to completing a number of commission works, individual collectors in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, California, New York and Pennsylvania have purchased his paintings for their collections. His work can be found on his web site


September 11, 2015 - "Show and Tell"
A Popular Agenda for Citrus Watercolor Club

Press Release by Norm Freyer

Photo Collage Courtesy of Ray Jowers - Click on the collage to view the FULL and ENLARGED IMAGE of the Collage.
Show-Tell_2015Remember the song “Show & Tell”? It was very popular back in 1972. Many of us should be able hum this even today. Wikipedia tells us that it was written by Jerry Fuller and recorded in 1972 by Johnny Mathis. A 1973 recording of the song by Al Wilson reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for one week on January 19, 1974; it sold over two million copies and was named a Cashbox Magazine Number One Single of the Year. Billboard ranked it as the No.15 song for 1974. Wilson's version also made No. 10 on the Hot Soul Singles chart.

Well, so much for the recordings by vocal artists Mathis and Wilson, today we are talking about art of another kind. “Show & Tell” watercolor art that will be on the agenda at the September meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Club. At the scheduled session on September 11th, club members will have the opportunity to present their latest watercolor compositions to the rest of the membership in the annual “Show and Tell” program. This is a popular and fun program allowing individual artists to relate how their paintings were structured, what components were used – the paints, paper, brushes and colors that were selected, and any special techniques that were employed. Artists ranging from the beginner to some of the best local watercolorists will discuss the ways in which they have accomplished the art of watercolor. Regardless of experience, everyone’s paintings need to be seen and reviewed. It is a time to review and relate – all in the spirit of learning good watercolor techniques. This is a time to share and shine before the eyes of your colleagues.

Beginners needn’t be afraid to bring their latest watercolor composition – remember, we all had to start somewhere, and this is a very friendly group. So bring it on! That reminds me. Each Monday morning I meet with a group of other Nature Coast artists to show our latest works and ask for the works to be critiqued by our fellow artists. It is not a time to be defensive or thin skinned, because the critiques made result in expanding your knowledge of becoming a better painter, regardless of the media that you chose. Personally, I know how much it has benefited me. And I am beholden to those associates who have helped me with their critique. So, whoever you are, no matter how much experience you have with your watercolor art, bring it, and show it, and tell about your experience painting it.

Congratulations German Boettcher!

We would like to extend our Congratulations and are very proud of another huge bit of news from member German Boettcher. As a member of the NWS, his work has been accepted into the international... "2015-2016 China/NWS Small Image Exchange Exhibition"!  And this year marks the award of Signature Membership for German into the Florida Watercolor Society!! Congratulations, German, on both achievements!!  We are proud to have you among our members as you are an inspiration to us all! Much success and joy in this recognition!

August 14, 2015 Demonstration
An Opportunity to Look at Outsider Art

Press Release by Norm Freyer

Ted Kloski Demo

Photo Collage of Ted Kloski's Dem Courtesy of Ray Jowers
Click to view a large image of the collage. Click again to supersize the enlarged image.

The demonstrator for the August meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Club will be Ocala artist Ted Kloski. Ted has an impressive background in Abstract Expressionism; a pursuit that began in the early 1960s when he studied art at the University of California, Berkeley, and subsequently graduated with a Master of Arts degree. He paints primarily in acrylic and oil media. I have seen Ted’s artwork at the Art Center of Citrus County, and I would say that his work is colorful, striking, startling, eye catching, and definitely outside traditional art work seen at the center. This is a demonstration that you must not miss! He lists himself as a follower of “Outsider Art” philosophy. The term outsider art was coined by art critic Roger Cardinal in 1972 as an English synonym for art brut (French: "raw art" or "rough art"), a label created by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe art created outside the boundaries of official culture; Dubuffet focused particularly on art by those on the outside of the established art scene. While Dubuffet's term is quite specific, the English term "outsider art" is often applied more broadly, to include certain self-taught or naïve art makers who were never formally trained. Typically, those labeled as outsider artists have little or no contact with the mainstream art world or art institutions. In many cases, their work is discovered only after their deaths. Often, outsider art illustrates extreme mental states, unconventional ideas, or elaborate fantasy worlds. Over the years, the parameters of Outsider Art have expanded dramatically to include art made by a wide variety of art-makers who share this common denominator of raw creativity. Outsiders come from all walks of life, from all cultures, from all age groups. Kloski, in his artist statement notes that, “What my eyes see is transformed into images that you can see. But the important reality is what takes place in our common inner worlds. Each of these worlds depends on the other. There can't be one set of eyes without the other. We all journey from the lower to the higher, from the outer to the inner, from death to life and from darkness to light...and the eyes are sometimes the gateway to this spiritual process.” Ted comments that, “In much of modern thinking, art is often seen as a commodity. The art consumer buys art as an interior decoration or as an investment. The art dealer who runs a gallery makes a living by fostering the art as decoration, art as investment philosophy”. He continues, “This is my response to this product oriented approach. There is a high purpose in this instantaneous recognition. It is what drives the artist to create, and is what the viewer is always looking for even though he may not notice that this purpose has almost nothing to do with money. Fame, reputation, and wealth are not the driving impulses behind serious art”. And finally, “My purpose in writing this statement is to outline my career as a working artist. I have always been mistrustful of the art gallery scene. I know that money, fame, and power fuel the gallery scene. I have not been part of this scene. My purpose in producing art has been twofold. I have developed the spiritual side of my being through my artworks, and I want to produce work that can have a strong effect on some viewers”. To see art by Ted Kloski, Google “Ted Kloski artist”.

July - Watercolor Club Takes a Break

Press Release by Norm Freyer

July is the month that the Citrus Watercolor Club (CWC) takes a hiatus in their schedule. It is the month when many of the club members take time to travel, vacation, visit relatives, enjoy the shore, have back yard barbeques and generally enjoy the time of summer. The past year has been has been interesting and challenging for the CWC. The club lost its regular meeting place at the Inverness United Methodist Church when the building was damaged by a lightning strike. One meeting was held in a temporary location at the County Canning facility. Finally, the club located a new home at the First Christian Church in Inverness where we will continue to meet at noon on the second Friday of each month. In March, Carol Ann Sherman, the Florida Watercolor Society (FWS) Susan Lattner Gold Award winner at the 2015 FWS Exhibition, was scheduled to be our demonstrator. She informed us that she could not attend due to illness. Only a short time later she succumbed, the victim of a sudden and tragic death. In June, the distinguished watercolorist, Elaine Hahn, was our scheduled demonstrator and workshop leader, who was forced to cancel due to an illness contacted while on vacation. Elaine will now be the demonstrator at the January 2016 meeting, followed by a two-day workshop. Fortunately, our program chairman, Ray Jowers, was able to quickly fill both demonstrations with established watercolorists.

Looking ahead, our demonstrator at the August session will be Ocala artist Ted Kloski. Ted will demonstrate his inimitable style which is designed to have a strong effect on some viewers. Don’t miss it! In September, the club hosts one of its most popular affairs when club members get the chance to show and tell their individual watercolor masterpieces. The numbers of talented artists continue to grow and shine in this area of the Nature Coast, and this exercise exhibits the results of those talents. In October, yours truly (Norm Freyer)will be the demonstrator, and I plan to focus on the subject of “Birds and Backgrounds”. The November program is still pending. Our demonstrator for the December session will be the very popular watercolorist and CWC member, Tom Jones. Tom will be returning from a year of traveling the United States conducting demonstrations and workshops.

In September 2016, Nature Coast area will be privileged to host the Florida Watercolor Society 45th Annual Exhibition at the Weber Center Gallery at the College of Central Florida in Ocala. CWC member, Kim Shields, 1st Vice President of the FWS, notes that this is the first time in many years that this prestigious event will be been held in this area. Artists are encouraged to fully support Kim when he looks for volunteers for this program, and moreover, attend the exhibition.

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June 12, 2015 Demonstration
A Lyrical Painter - Mary Jane Volkmann

Mary Jane Volkmann: A Short Biography

Photo Collage Courtesy of Ray Jowers. Click on the pic to view the entire collage, click again to view a large image.

Demo_June_2015Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Mary Jane Volkmann studied art education at university before traveling in 1974 to southern Africa where she remained to live and work for 28 years. Mary Jane’s artistic career has included commissions as varied as art workshops, portraits of an African king, coin designs, seven issues of postage stamps (two issues of which have won world awards), book illustrations, greeting card designs, murals and paintings for private collectors. A commissioned book, “Glimpses of Namibian Life: A Moment in Time” consisting of 30 of her paintings depicting life in Namibia among the native peoples of the country and authored by her was published in 1997. Active in the community, Mary Jane co-founded an educational and charitable trust in northern Namibia with a regional center for the development of the arts and crafts skills of talented Namibians, providing a means for them to market their wares and earn a living. In 2002 Mary Jane relocated with her family to Gainesville, Florida, where she continues to paint and teach painting workshops.  A signature member of Plein Air Florida, Mary Jane takes part in selected plein air events, and in 2006 was selected as Artist in Residence, Sapelo Island, for the Georgia State Parks.  Mary Jane’s paintings have been exhibited at museums and private galleries overseas and in the USA and can be found in private and corporate collections.

Mary Jane Volkmann: Statement

VolkmanI’ve been told I’m a lyrical painter. That statement makes me smile, because whether a painting stems from watching a bird land on a twisted branch or from observing the waving grass on a warm afternoon, I wonder at the metaphors of spirit which seem to reflect themselves in everything I see.  Captivated by the diverse sea of faces and lifestyles in our human family and humbled by the exquisite beauty of the natural world which supports us and is entrusted to our care, I paint portals and vistas, whether in the form of hidden pathways through thickets, views across and through the landscape or into the eyes or expression of a figure.  My paintings are my observations and quiet contemplations.

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Recent Meetings and Events
May Luncheon and Demonstration by Ted Head

Photo Collage Courtesy of Helene LancasterLuncheon_2015

Click on the Collage below to view the entire collage of Ted's demo and photos of members at our luncheon. Photo Collage Courtesy of Ray JowersTedHead
photo collage courtesy of Ray Jowers

May 8, 2015 - Watercolor by Ted Head – Love at the First Stroke

Press Release by Norm Freyer

Ted Head_Egret In FlightI first saw Ted Head when he performed a demonstration at the 2013 Florida Watercolor Society Exhibition in Sarasota. We were fortunate to have a seat in the second row of the hall housing the demo. It was easy to see that Ted had created a lot of interest, as every seat in the hall was soon taken, and then every available space for standing room quickly filled. This was probably as a result of his exquisite watercolor exhibited in the 2012 FWS exhibition, entitled “Hal”. He had preceded this with another great painting “Cast Your Care” at the 2010 Exhibition. So here we are now, and we are privileged to have Ted Head as the demonstrator at the May 8th Installation Luncheon of the Citrus Watercolor Club.

Ted hails from Jacksonville, FL. He says, “My love of drawing began when I could hold a crayon.  A yellow-green one I remember distinctly.  Not only did it have a pleasing color, it tasted pretty good too.  Even as a child, my enjoyment of nature’s beauty was never ending.  The intricacy and hues of colors, patterns, light and shadow has always fascinated me.” It is amazing, looking at his current watercolors, because he didn’t start painting until 2001. He continues, “In 2001 I was fortunate to travel to Paris and Vienna. Up to then I had only drawn with pen and ink, but had not ventured into painting. Inspired in Vienna by a beautiful outdoor flower shop, I shot a blurry photo and decided to try my hand at painting. Pouring over art books when I returned, I decided to give watercolor a go. It was love at first stroke and it has been a love affair ever since. After a few years of experimenting and growing as an artist, I started entering art shows. Encouraged by winning several awards, I decided it was time to try the art show circuit, and I continue doing several shows a year around in Florida.” Head was featured in American Artist magazine, May 2006. He was later published in the prestigious the Best of Watercolor SPLASH 11 and the upcoming SPLASH 16; Best of America Watercolor Artists & Artisans; and, Best of America Watermedia. Ted Head is a Signature Member of the Florida Watercolor Society. His demonstrations include lots of friendly interaction with his audience, so this is one demo you do not want to miss. You can view Ted’s work by going to his web site at www. , or at .

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Art Expo -  The Citrus Cultural Alliance at the College of Central Florida, Saturday, May 9, 10am – 2pm. Our CWC members participated.

Photo Collage Courtesy of Helene Lancaster

April Meeting Accomplishments

  • We are so proud and thankful our previous Board has decided to remain and has been artfully re-elected for another year; and we are certainly grateful for all our continuing and new volunteers. (see more..)

  • Ray Jowers was honored with a Lifetime Membership recognizing his accomplishments for the Citrus Watercolor Club (see more...)

  • Joan Swetland’s Demonstration 'touched' us all with her simplicity and acumen! (see more...)

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April 10, 2015 - Watercolor Art Inspired by a Love of Our Natural Environment

Press Release by Norm Freyer - Demo Collage courtesy of Ray Jowers
click on Joan's pic to view the entire collage; click again to enlarge

Joan SwetlandThe Demonstrating artist for the April 10th meeting of the Citrus Watercolor Club is talented Spring Hill watercolorist, Joan Swetland. Joan grew up on the west side of Detroit and has lived in Florida since 1971. She has had no formal art training, but trained in 10 workshops with Nita Engle. In 1984, her first watercolor workshop was to study with Nita at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island in northern Michigan. This was followed not with stay-at-home workshops, instead, they occurred in faraway places like Africa, Bali, Italy and Mexico. Joan comments that, “All my travels were with my mentor Nita Engle who lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.” Nita Engle is a member and frequent exhibitor of the American Watercolor Society since 1969. Her works were exhibited at the "1976 - 200 Years of American Illustration" - along with Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth and Winslow Homer - and other Society of Illustrators exhibitions in New York. Ref: Wikipedia.

Joan Swetland has been an instructor at Dunedin Fine Art Center in Dunedin, FL since 1991, committed to teaching her students how to fulfill their painting goals. She is a Past President and Signature Member of the Florida Watercolor Society and Signature Member of the Suncoast Watercolor Society. Joan’s work appears in Blue Egretjuried shows and numerous corporate collections including, Mobil Mining and Minerals, Bamett Bank of Florida, Morton Plant Hospital, Clearwater, Florida, 1992 Reflectone Calendar, and numerous private collections.

Speaking about her artwork she says, “Birds are a delight. My hope is to catch them in that moment of time when they are caring for their young, busy searching for food or preening in the limb of a tree. They provide me with many painting ideas. Flowers as well, are a joy to paint. Every change of season provides an endless variety of color and beauty that I love to capture with my watercolors.” She continues, “The colors that I use in my paintings are carefully planned. For the most part I use only a triad of colors in a single painting to achieve color harmony. My paintings are kindled by my concerns for the environment. I attempt to create my vision of the land, the creatures, and the plant life that co-exist with us. Painting workshops to have supplied me with a variety of subject material for my paintings.” Joan is a member of the Citrus Watercolor Club, the Florida Artists Gallery, the Florida Watercolor Society, the Suncoast Watercolor Society and the Tampa Realistic Artist. You can see Joan’s artwork at the web site

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March 13, 2015
Program Change Alert

German BoettcherCarol Ann Sherman has been our scheduled demonstrator for our meeting this coming Friday, March 13th, 2015. Unfortunately, Carol Ann has had to cancel due to illness. 

CWC membership roster includes many very accomplished artists who are ready to step up in such emergencies. .We are very fortunate to have German Boettcher (FWS, AWS, and NWS) , an award-winning watercolorist,  as demonstrator at our March 13th meeting. German Boettcher often focuses on the techniques of paintings in urban settings including people, architecture and shadows.  CWC members will find German's demonstration an inspiring and educational presentation on watercolor techniques.

We hope that you can join us this Friday!
Ray Jowers, Program Chair

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Annual Show and Sale at Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park

Award winning art at the recent Citrus Watercolor Club Show & Sale was judged by Lorna Jean Thunderhorse. Best of Show (below) was won by Art Estrella of Hernando; First place won by Norm Freyer; Second Place by Helene Lancaster; Third place by Barbara Kerr; Honorable Mentions by Laurie Kansky and Chuck Chesnul, and the President’s award went to Susan Strawbridge.
To view all Award Winning Watercolors click here. Photos contributed by Show Coordinator Jeanne Conrad.

  Estrella_Best In Show  



February 21-22, 2015
Annual Show and Sale at Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park

Nature Coast residents and lovers of watercolor art are in for a treat on the weekend of February 21 & 22, 2015. Watercolor artists from the Citrus Watercolor Club will present their annual show & sale at the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park. The show features many talented member watercolor artists from the local area. This is the 23nd year that the Club has cooperated with the Homosassa Wildlife State Park to conduct the show & sale.

Curt BondA painting by Dunnellon watercolorist Curt Bond, pictured above and entitled “Sand Hill in Flight”, was awarded the Best of Show at the 2014 Citrus Watercolor Club Spring Show & Sale. Numerous award-winning watercolors will be on exhibit and for sale on the weekend of February 21 & 22, 2015. Watercolor artists from the Citrus Watercolor Club will present their annual Spring Show & Sale at the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park. This juried show features many talented local watercolor artists including Curt Bond, Barbara Kerr, Helene Lancaster, Kim Shields, Norman Freyer, Susan Strawbridge, German Boettcher, Rhonda Hancock, Jude Caborn, Glenda Ackley and many others. Jeanne Conrad, chairperson of the show & sale notes that, “In addition to a wide selection of original watercolor paintings, reproductions, note cards and book marks also will be available for sale.” Conrad continued, “This is the 23nd year that the Club has cooperated with the Homosassa State Wildlife Park to conduct the show & sale.” The Citrus Watercolor Club contributes a percentage of the receipts from art sales during the show to “The Friends of the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park”. For more information contact Jeanne Conrad (352-628-7760), or the club web site

February 2015 -Watercolor Club Favorite Returns for Demo and Workshop

Press Release by Norm Freyer

Lynn Ferris, AWS, NWS, FWS, has been a favorite artist of members of the Citrus Watercolor Club (CWC), and has demonstrated numerous times on CWC programs. Lynn will return as the demonstrator at the February 13th meeting of the CWC. One should note that Ferris is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, and the Florida Watercolor Society. She is a winter resident of Beverly Hills and spends her summers in Berkley Springs, West Virginia. She attended Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. Before becoming a full time watercolorist, she worked as both a commercial and architectural illustrator. Lynn is also a show judge and instructor, teaching both classes and workshops. Lynn's work has appeared as cover art in "The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association", was the subject of a feature article in "Watercolor" magazine, published by American Artist, and is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona Beach, Florida. “The details in Lynn Ferris’ watercolors flow seamlessly with the artist’s sense of color and tone. There’s a newness and comfort to her work. One feels refreshed for having seen it, yet completely at home…as if you’ve known this work all of your life.”
Lynn has participated in many one person and juried shows, where her work has received numerous awards. Her many awards include "Best of Show" at both the 2007 Florida Watercolor Society Exhibit and the 2010 Tallahassee Watercolor Society Tri-State Juried Exhibit. Her painting entitled "Anna" received an honorable mention in the 2013 "Artist's Magazine" all media competition. Solo shows include the Leesburg Center for the Arts, The Monongalia Arts Center, and This Century Gallery in Williamsburg, VA. For samples of her work, see Lynn’s web site at

Lynn Ferris Workshop February 14-15, 2015

Gathering Lynn Ferris

The details in Lynn Ferris' watercolors flow seamlessly with the artist's sense of color and tone. There's a newness and comfort to her work. One feels refreshed for having seen it, yet completely at home…as if you've known this work all your life. Learn more about Lynn Ferris..

Lynn presents CWC members and non-members alike with an exceptional opportunity to attend a two-day workshop at the Whispering Pines facility in Inverness, FL on Saturday, February 14, and Sunday February 15. Call Glenda Ackley at 352-560-4220 for information.

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New Meeting Location First Christian Church, Inverness

Citrus Watercolor Club members and visitors are reminded that the venue for meetings has been changed again. The October meeting, and all meetings in the future, will be held in the fellowship hall of the 1st Christian Church of Inverness, 2018 Colonnade Street, Inverness, FL. The church is located on Colonnade St. directly in back of the Racetrack filling station on Rte. 44 in Inverness. Or it can be accessed by taking Colonnade directly across the street from the entrance to Whispering Pines Park.

Map, photos, and directions on the About Us webpage. Click here.


About CWC

Members of the Citrus Watercolor Club enjoy a "Painting of the Month" competition in October, November, January, February, March and April. They have opportunities to show and sell their work, take workshops and participate in monthly sketch/paint-outs, etc.

For more information about the meeting or to become a member, call Heather Doherty (352) 873-1656, Helene Lancaster (352) 257-1261 or see the CWC web site The Citrus Watercolor Club meets at 12:00 Noon on the second Friday of every month, except July, at the Family Center of the 1st Christian Church of Inverness, 2018 Colonade Street, Inverness, FL. (Learn more...)

Citrus Watercolor Club
P.O. Box 2464
Inverness, FL  34451-2464